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Updated: Jun 18, 2021

By Bonnie Mohr

February 2, 2021 MY BACK YARD EARLY MORNING - photo by Hazel Lee

I found several of my hand-written notes about writers I have read over the years. Once read, I stuck my notes in my office drawer. Don’t ask me why, but it was

time to do some cleaning!

I stick notes everywhere. one of my notes caught my eye,

entitled Living Life. I failed to write the author‘s name.

The message was simple. Each word seemed to hold up the next.

After a quick google search, I discovered its writer was Bonnie Mohr -Written February 2,

2011, ten years ago today.

This is what she wrote....

“I was once told that life is basically a series of choices. This concept has stayed on my mind ever since...........”

LIVING LIFE - by Bonnie Mohr.

“Life is not a race - but indeed a journey. Be honest. Work hard. Be choosy.

Say “thank you”, “I love you“, and “great job”, to someone each day.

Go to church, take time for prayer. The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh.

Let your handshake mean more than pen and paper.

Love your life and what you’ve been given, it is not accidental -

Search for your purpose and do it as best you can. Dreaming does not matter.

It allows you to become that which you aspire to be.

Laugh often.

Appreciate the little things in life and enjoy them.

Some of the best things really are free.

Do not worry, less wrinkles are more becoming.

Forgive, it frees the soul.

Take time for yourself - plan for longevity.

Recognize the special people you‘ve been blessed to know.

Live for today. Enjoy the moment.”

——————————————————————- Simple. I do simple.

So many times, we lean on our own understanding, not God’s. I

look forward to reading Mrs. Mohr’s writings. I am glad I kept my handwritten notes.

A Loving statement of hope and trust stuck in my middle drawer.

Had I not taken a moment to read the unknown author, well, I’m sure it would have been thrown in the trash.

Miss Taskmaster would still be here, scratching her head, trying to solve her own

problems. Lesson learned. Some might say this disc0very happened by accident.

My reading it tonight was perfect timing. God’s timing. It had my name on it.

Mrs. Mohr’s paintings and writings are nostalgic, resonating one’s soul. Thank goodness I had an insatiable desire to know its author, left unread In my desk for years.

On her website, I saw a painting of an oak tree, with the words, Living Life, below it. Both

works by Mrs. Mohr. I realized I had seen The Oak Tree print before. I failed to read its

contents. Interesting. You see it, but you don’t see it. Sound familiar?

Philippians. 4:6-7 - Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God

what you need, and thank Him for all he has done. Then you will experience God’s peace,

which exceeds anything we can understand. Amen

Amazing how many examples of God’s wisdom are within arm‘s reach.

Guess it’s time to clean out the old, and bring in the new. It sure worked for me. January is a good time to clean out our house, both physical and spiritual! Just watch what you throw out, I speak from experience.

I am NOT throwing away my hand-written copy of Living Life. I will keep it safe in my desk drawer as a constant reminder.

One of my favorite English professors would greet me with a big “Carpe Diem” and hug.

Now in Heaven, I cherish every handwritten note written on every book she gave me. There

were many over the years.

I recently had a veteran southern writer, Tom Poland, share, “People need to read, so God gave us the ability to write.” How true! Read more at his website,

I will continue putting words on paper, until the good Lord says, “It’s time for you to

come home, Hazel Lee.” Sounds just like what my daddy would have told me, when out too

late with friends. A work in progress. I will never stop chasing butterflies.

To thyself be true. Other people will like you better.

Have a wonderful day! Be kind to one another! Seems I’m constantly writing if I

have offended you, I am sorry. If I failed to listen to you, I apologize. If I let you down, it’s

time to talk in person. No spilled milk to be left on the floor, loved ones, love to hear from

you when you have a moment to write, until then......,,

Do visit Mrs. Mohr’s website. Fascinating lady.

By the way, she “friended“ me. We can share our thoughts now. looking forward to our visits,

Mother earth is about to explode with color! I can hardly wait!

MY EDEN CLIMBING ROSE - its fragrance is amazing!

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