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Updated: Feb 18, 2023

Miss Kay,

Thank you for calling me yesterday. It was my pleasure visiting with you!

I believe adding a small spoon of sugar, a tiny bit of salt, with a touch

of spices, is the perfect blend to write your stories.

Building on life’s strengths and weaknesses, your book could

become great encouragement for others.

You have a great plan. A wise person seeks God’s wisdom first.

You have done that.

Living in the sunset of our lives is a great motivator for us

to do something we have long put off.

Don’t do it anymore.

Pick up your pen and start putting words on paper.

I’m just a ways down the road from you,

doing the same thing.

Life has a way of giving and taking. Experience. Desire. Acceptance.

Yielding. Changing. Absence. Understanding. Finally, surrendering.

I surrender all.

Let’s just see what the Great Master, the Author of our salvation,

Jesus Christ, has to say about all of this.

In the meantime, keep your lantern full at all times. Matthew 25:3

Go with God, keep your eyes on the cross, and your hands on the plow!

Luke 9:62

The sun is shining!

Time to head out to the garden of your life, and start sowing.

Uncle Bob taught me, “Do not waste daylight, Hazel Lee!”

I try not to.

Why do I feel like I just wrote a letter to myself?


Hazel Lee

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