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Updated: Feb 14, 2022


The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want.

Verses 1-3

Sheep have a natural tendency to wander off and get lost.

We humans do too.

Christ is our Shepherd in two ways.

First, as the Good Shepherd, He laid down His life for His sheep.

Secondly, His sheep hear His Voice, and they follow Him. (John 10:11)

Isaiah 53:6 tells us we all go astray. We go in our own direction.

When sheep wander off, they subject themselves to all kinds of danger.

So do we.

They are unable to take care of themselves. Neither are we.

We think we can. Not so.

Their eyes and ears are weak. They cannot run well.

They have no defense, claws, sharp hooves.

They are difficult to train. Followers.

Shepherds in the old testament were in great danger of

being killed by large predators.

David was subjected to wild animals. 1 Samuel 17:34 -35).

Jesus became our Shepherd. He sacrificed His life for us.

He meets our needs, not necessarily our wants.

Sheep will not lie down when they are hungry, or drink from

fast-flowing streams.

Shepherds often build small dams in order to provide water.

Sheep will drown if they fall into fast streams. Their wool

absorbs water, causing death..

Jesus clearly tells us He came to serve, not to be served,

to be our Shepherd.

Let us never forget, Shepherds in David’s

time had to be willing to sacrifice their lives for their herds.

When we wander from our Shepherd, prepare yourself!

It is endless the trials you may encounter. If just one sheep wanders away from the Flock, Jesus says we

should leave the 99 and find the one missing, returning it to the flock.

Astonishing! More tomorrow! Vs. -3-5

Hoping you are understanding why Christ refers to us as His sheep! I know I am one.

Enjoy our spring flowers blooming ! Happy Spring!


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