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Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Which was best? I grew up listening to Motown, country, gospel, soul, pop, rock and roll, and every other genre of music in between.

From Chubby Checker singing Let’s Twist Again, the Four Tops, singing, ‘Sugar Pie, Honey Bun,’the Temptations, singing, ‘My Girl,’ Sonny & Cher’s famous,’The Beat Goes On,’ Elvis Presley singing, ‘All Shook Up,’ or his famous gospel, our generation had the best music ever!

Those were the days! I thought our era would never end! You could find me every Saturday afternoon at my friend, Marylou’s house, watching the Dick Clark Bandstand.

If no one was around, we would dance to the stroll, especially if Fats Domino’s song, ‘I’m Walking to New Orleans,’ was playing. I loved that song. ‘The Twist,’ with Chubby Checker, was another fun song. You could catch us jumping around in her living room, ‘twisting the night away!’ The couples dancing on his show were perfect it seemed, and well dressed. We were envious! We dreamed of being on his show, but that was as far as it ever went, I’m afraid.

My favorite part was watching Dick Clark Bandstand’s guest entertainers. The Temptations, Four Tops, or any Motown groups performing their famous do-wop dances while singing their songs was the best!

Of course, we practiced their moves often, NEVER to be performed outside our living rooms and certainly NO ONE was allowed to see us! Since we had no way to record the shows or hit the pause button, we had to get the moves down the first time while watching. It was harder that way, but oh so fun!

Dances, football season and proms gave us an opportunity to show off our moves. Sometimes, even our teachers and coaches would dance with us, especially to the stroll. Remember Wooly Bully? Released in 1965, and performed by Sam the Sham & the Pharoahs? It was popular at all of our dances.

These memories seem like yesterday.

Ok, now that I have totally embarrassed myself and revealed my “you-have-got-to-be-kidding” or “who-cares” attitude from my readers, I do apologize. Sometimes, I ‘can’t help myself,’ ‘I love you and nobody else,’ words from the Four Tops, ‘I Can’t Help Myself.’

It doesn’t matter where I am. If ‘My Girl’ is playing, I find myself nostalgically returning to the days with Mary Lou, in her living room, trying to perform the Temptations’ moves.

I remember when Ricky Nelson, another performer at the time, released a top-hit song entitled, Hello MARY LOU. I swear, Mary Lou just knew Ricky Nelson had written that song about her. When I sadly told her the news it wasn’t true, she cried that whole afternoon. Bless her heart!

You know what we were doing? We were creating wonderful memories together; memories that would last us a lifetime. I wish we could have stayed in touch. Just maybe, by the grace of God, she will come across my book. I can only hope and pray.

Funny the stories we came up with while rolling our hair with those horrible, pinching, pink, sponge rollers, then spraying a whole can of Aqua Net on them at sleepover nights!

I believe we had the best music ever! However, I do understand if you feel your generation’s music was the best. Life is about choices.

I believe God gives each one of us the innate ability to think independently, allowing us the choice to respect and love each other in a positive and caring way, or not. The choice is ours. He will not make that decision for us. He will not impose His will upon us. He stands at the door and knocks, but He won’t open the door. We have to invite him in. How respectful, and considerate is that!

Jesus has told us in His Holy Word, He will only knock. He will never come in uninvited. Free will. It is our choice. So why can’t I extend that same free choice to my loved ones? That is a good question for me to answer. I will think on that loaded question.

Perhaps I will answer it in my next book. Why do I wonder how God knows what our next choice will be. I am sure He is smiling about this comment. It is obvious! Because of our human nature, people! I want to be in charge! He already knows that. So, so, so what does this mean? We are human, He is spirit!

How many times have I stolen my own childrens’ opportunity to make a decision? Countless! And why? Because I KNEW BETTER? REALLY? NO, NO, NO! Many times, I did not! I did not allow them the same opportunity given to me, for them to grow in Christ and learn from their mistakes!

Why? Because we want to protect our sweet children, when, in fact, we are enabling them. Ok, enough on this subject. I did not intend to start meddling. I am sure you get the jist of what I am saying.

With time and much prayer, I have gone back to them, apologizing for my actions, overstepping my boundaries many times. I expect there will be a few more.

Likewise, we should extend God’s grace and love He gives us to others; not being forceful or judging, but demonstrating His love and kindness daily, as a living example to others.

Our actions may be the only bible others read today. That is a subject worth talking about. Just think about it.

He may be knocking at your door. If He is, you will know. The question is will you invite Him in? Only you can answer that question. Don’t worry. He knows.

That’s why He reminds us to forgive everyday and quickly. Don’t hold on to negativity. As Paul said, get rid of it by sunset. YOU WILL SLEEP BETTER! I promise! It’s your choice. I did.

Readers, thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

If you're interested in my other writings, my book, Sweet Tea & Jesus, is available on Amazon.

God Bless, until then.......



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