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Updated: Feb 14, 2022

An interesting question my sweet sunshine, Caroline Elizabeth, asked me at the age of four. Her questions usually cause me to hit the pause button. I have to reprogram my thought process. Bear in mind, I am talking to a four year old that can tell me to the letter, how much Jesus loves us.

”Lee, He wants us to love one another, and be kind to each other,” exclaiming with a big smile. Lastly, she said, “He is building a big house for us to live in someday!” No words. That is wisdom beyond her few years on this earth.

I noticed she was sliding her little finger across the pages of a new rose catalog. We were picking out roses for spring. I could see the frustration in her precious little eyes. I told her we could only slide pages on my iPad. That still did not register with her. Finally, when I showed her the same magazine on my ipad, she was fine.

I asked myself that same question. Why do I have to turn the page? What if I haven't finished a particular page of my life? It’s simple. We have no choice. Clearly, time waits for no man. We must move forward.

A very close friend told me, while I was in the grips of making a major decision, “it’s a new chapter in your life,” she cried, “simply turn the page!” There it was! True wisdom. Don’t make it so hard on yourself. Change the changeable. Otherwise, let it go.

I don’t like change. I loved living in old neighborhoods with cracks in the street, and big, oak trees. The little girl in me saw it as stability and longevity. Having childhood friends was the best.

So why do we have to turn the pages, Caroline? Because our Heavenly Father wants us to grow. He wants us to better understand Him and His plans He has for us.

Whether we accept it or not, change is happening around us each and everyday. It could be the change in your health, or a relationship with someone; an unexpected move or a new job. There is always an element of pain in change, even when change is good. Often, change is forced or imposed upon us suddenly, without our approval.

When God told Abraham to move and go to a new country, Abraham decided the risk and pain was worth obeying God. Ultimately, we all can read how God blessed Abraham for his faith and obedience - Genesis 12:1-3. How reassuring!

I am sorry the above quote is not cropped and shaped properly. Do bear with me as I grow understanding technology.

I do have a choice how I deal with change in my life. Looking back, many decisions I made were not the best. I realize I can’t go back. I can only learn from those mistakes, and go forward.

As one grows closer to our Lord, the osmosis in our lives will truly become evident to the world. You don’t have to tell anyone. They will see it. They will see Christ in you! Christ was simple. So why do We struggle? Because He gave us free will! But you know what? He also gave us His map. He gave us His Holy Bible, to better understand His plan for our lives!

To this day, I have a bible given to me at the young age of ten years old. I have had it my entire life. It is falling apart, but that’s ok. One thing is certain. Not one letter in that old bible has changed, not one. I will stand on that old bible’s written Word of our Lord, til I leave this earth! It is my blessed assurance Jesus truly is mine!

And then He told them, “Go into all the world and preach the good news to everyone!” - Mark 16:15

......... and we all said Amen!

Readers, thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

If you're interested in my other writings, my book, Sweet Tea & Jesus, is available on Amazon.

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